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CS Consulting are specialist consultants for the hospitality sector. We uniquely combine  Human Resource solutions  with  GDPR training and policy review across all areas. Human Resources and a Companies GDPR  responsibilities really go hand in hand.

We are  Certified Data Protection Practitioners and members of the Association of Data Protection Officers.
Since the introduction of  General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on 25th May 2018  it has led to much concern and not a little confusion for businesses in the hospitality sector. 
CS Consulting have a specific focus on the hospitality industry and have a good working relationship with the Data Protection Commission (DPC).
We provide GDPR compliance training   resources on and off line.  We also provide  GDPR Policy review and redesign  helping  you through the  EU & legal rhetoric and provide training / resource solutions  making it easier  to understand your responsibilities  at a  reasonable cost.

Our Human Resource service include contract design,employee handbook design , Job Descriptions and ongoing support including performance reviews and disciplinary procedures.
We are Associate Members of  the Irish Hotels federation and are recommended as a GDPR  service provider.

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GDPR Services

Advising our Clients to ensure they are best prepared to deal with GDPR breaches.

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Significant new GDPR  liabilities exist as a result of Contract Tracing and the new Vaccination Certificate.
Businesses in indoor hospitality need to understand their  responsibilities to avoid Data Protection Breaches and potential  fines. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss the  services we provide.

GDPR Hospitality Specific Training

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Ongoing GDPR support services

GDPR Specific Supports

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Human Resource Services

At CS Consulting we provide a complete outsource solution for business in the hospitality sector. Some examples of our services include

  • Contract Design

  • Fully detailed  Employees Handbook

  • Job Description

  • Performance reviews

  • Disciplinary procedures

Please feel free to contact us to discuss the services you may require.

This initial consultation is free of charge 

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GDPR and the Data Protection Commissions Expectations of the hospitality Industry

Are your  GDPR policies, procedures and training adequate? Especially considering new GDPR guidelines about Covid 19, such as Contact Tracing and securely dealing with  Vaccination certificates?

The hospitality industry is  starting to open up again , however this also brings with it increased GDPR responsibilities  to avoid potential fines

The Data Protection Commission expects the hospitality Industry to have appropriate policies and procedures in place and that all members of staff are trained in GDPR on an annual basis:

“…the onus is on every data controller to demonstrate as to how it justifies its collection and processing of personal data. Policies, procedures, and training of staff are a means to do this. The better the policy / procedure / training, the lesser chance of a fine or enforcement action, occurring from this office on an ongoing basis.” Data Protection Commission Ireland

CS Consulting have built a good working relationship with the Data Protection Commission and have established what their expectations are in relation to GDPR, specifically regarding the hospitality industry.

 We have worked closely with the DPC on hospitality policies, queries, questions, breaches etc., so our training is not theory-based but based on specific issues making it easier for your teams to understand their GDPR responsibilities.

We can review and redesign your GDPR Policies and procedures, train staff members across the various departments and provide ongoing training and support about general queries, Subject Access Requests, managing breaches etc.

Our fee is based on the level of services you require.

Free consultation:

For a free consultation to discuss your potential GDPR policy and training requirements, please contact us on 086 814 6570, email @ or via our website


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