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CS Consulting are specialist consultants for the hospitality sector , certified data protection practitioners and members of the Association of Data Protection Officers 
Since the introduction of  General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on 25th May 2018  it has led to much concern and not a little confusion for businesses in the hospitality sector 
CS Consulting have a specific focus on the hospitality industry 
We provide GDPR compliance training   resources on and off line.  We also provide  GDPR Policy review and redesign  helping  you through the  EU & legal rhetoric and provide training/ resource solutions  making it easier  to understand your responsibilities  at a  reasonable cost
We are recommended by the Irish Hotels federation as a GDPR full service provider



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GDPR Policy & Procedures review

Working Together

 Redesign Policies and Procedure in line with the Data Protection Commission Expectations 

Online and onsite training  department by department  and specifically  focused on  the hospitality Industry

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Advice with regard to Subject Access Requests  and  Data Breaches   with Ongoing support and complete  GDPR solutions available

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GDPR  Data Protection Commission Expectations

 ‘the onus is on every data controller to demonstrate as to how it justifies its collection and processing of personal data. policies, procedures, and training of staff are a means to do this.  the better the policy / procedure / training,

the lesser chance of a fine or enforcement action, occurring from this office on an  ongoing basis.’

Data Protection Commission Ireland

So the question is are your hotels policies, procedures and training adequate from a   GDPR perspective

 Whilst the hospitality Industry significantly struggles with this pandemic now is actually a good opportunity to review your GDPR policies and assess if there is adequate training in place.

CS Consulting have built a good working relationship with the Data Protection Commission and have established what their expectations are with regard specifically to the hospitality industry. We have worked closely with the DPC on Hotel specific queries, questions, breaches etc.

We will review and redesign your GDPR Policies and procedures train 50 staff members across the various departments and provide ongoing support with regard to general queries, Subject access requests and breaches etc.

The charge for this service will be €200pm for a 12-month period however payments will only be expected when the country is in phase 3 or less  effectively only when your premises is open for business.


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